Safe House, The Vow Lead Holiday Weekend Box Office

Safe House Photo: Jasin Boland/2012 Universal Pictures

It's a holiday weekend — well, not for those unlucky saps working Presidents' Day — which means big audiences at movie theaters across the nation. No fewer than five films are expected to break the $20 million mark with both new releases, Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider and Reese Witherspoon's sex-and-spies comedy This Means War, making the cut. While healthy, they still lag behind last weekend's leaders, Safe House and The Vow. Far removed from the blockbuster vanguard, the Star Wars 3D rerelease should pull in close to $10 million, while Chronicle and Daniel Radcliffe horror flick Woman in Black hover around $8 million each. For the moment, at least, studio bosses can sit back, growl contentedly, and cheerily suck on their fat congratulatory cigars. [Deadline]