Take Our Oscar Personality Quiz

Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

Time to be honest: Have you ever practiced giving an Oscar speech with a shampoo bottle? And if you have, would you, like Kate Winslet, actually admit to it upon winning the real award? Or would you bound up on the stage like Cuba Gooding Jr. and just start screaming people's names as the music played? We understand this is all largely daydreaming, but hey, it's Oscar Week, and if there is ever a time to wonder how you would comport yourself when handed a golden statue in front of a hundred million people, that time is now! So Vulture dreamed up our "And the Winner Is…" Oscars quiz for our Facebook fans, with a bonus giveaway. Just go to Vulture's Facebook page, Like us, and take our Oscars Personality Quiz to find out which memorable past winner you most resemble. Then, click on the sweepstakes entry form right below the quiz for your shot at one year of Netflix Streaming membership. The sweepstakes runs until February 25, so don't wait! Full contest rules are available here. Good luck!