Watch Jean Dujardin Audition for Every Villainous Role There Is


The Artist's Jean Dujardin is the odds-on favorite to win Best Actor at the Oscars this month, but what kind of subsequent work does Hollywood have for a French matinee idol with a thick accent, a receding hairline, and a very recent grasp of the English language? Villains, of course! Fortunately, Funny or Die has helped nudge Dujardin into his inevitable future with a series of "audition tapes" in which the Frenchman gives a dastardly spin to the potential baddies in Die Hard 5, Sherlock Holmes 3, the next James Bond movie, and We Bought a Zoo 2. (Just go with that last one.) It is adorable and now we are perfectly fine with Dujardin winning the Oscar, just for this three-minute viral video. Très magnifique!