Watch Delocated’s Jon Glaser and Janeane Garofalo Talk Dad Jeans, Method Acting, and Their Characters’ Possible Love Sex Connection


Janeane Garofalo joins comedian and balaclava-wearing Jon Glaser for the third season of Delocated, which premieres tonight at midnight on Adult Swim. She'll play a network exec working for the reality show that stars Glaser's protected witness. But will we soon see Garofalo running around New York City in a ski mask, too? We recently caught up with the duo to learn this and more, like how Glaser subconsciously modeled his character's wardrobe after his dad's bad style; what scenes were this season's budget busters; and why Garofalo's very intense pre-shoot regimen included sense memory work, neck rolls, and a full set of prosthetics. Watch these two comedy buds goof their way through our interview right here.