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Watch the First Twelve Minutes of Sundance Sleeper Sound of My Voice

Has your appetite for suspenseful cliff-hangers and twisty time-traveling mythology gone unsated since Lost went off the air a few years ago? Then the unsettling thriller Sound of My Voice is coming along at just the right time; a sleeper hit at Sundance last year, Fox Searchlight just gave the movie a release date of April 27 and has released the first twelve minutes of the film online, even before a trailer has debuted. Directed by Zal Batmanglij, who co-wrote the film with star Brit Marling, it's the story of two skeptics who infiltrate an eerie Southern California cult led by the coolly confident Maggie, who's got a whopper of a backstory. (No, she's not an Other, but her reveal is just as intriguing.) Enjoy ...