‘We Take Care of Our Own’ Video: Sing Along With Bruce Springsteen


Are you a little freaked out by all the many spammy lyrics sites on the Internet? With the exception of Rap Genius (which even has pictures!), they can all be pretty scary, the kind of sites that make you hold your breath and pray that you are not clicking on a virus along with the words to Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life." (For the record, that's an underrated karaoke song.) Bruce Springsteen hears you, and for his newest video, he has helpfully circumvented that Googling problem, pasting his "We Take Care of Our Own" lyrics on top of the visuals in very clear, readable font. There's no fancy Cee Lo–style typography here; just words, and pictures of sad overlooked Americans, and Bruce mugging fiercely for the camera on a rooftop. Then he turns the whole world into Technicolor, because he can. Presumably, the Boss will be preforming this song at the Grammys come Sunday, so you have two days to memorize the relevant verses. Study hard!