What Happened to Liz Lemon?

Tina Fey as Liz Lemon on 30 Rock Photo: NBC

What's going on with Liz Lemon on this season of 30 Rock? NPR's Linda Holmes says that Liz was once an empowered, if flawed, woman, but now she's "been fully transformed into a needy little girl" who's "just dumb, incapable of making her own decisions, and her relationship with Jack is entirely out of balance." Yikes! Jack started out as Liz's mentor — but now he's her "condescending, all-knowing daddy," Holmes says. Yikes again! Has Liz regressed as the show's gone on, or has her haplessness been stable, and it's just that six seasons in, we wish she'd develop some additional areas of competence? Has 30 Rock sold its star character out? Or is she just as terrific as ever?