‘Yella Diamonds’ Video: Rick Ross Enjoys Ms. Pac-Man, Subtitles


Fast-forward through the 40 or so seconds of promotional whatnot that kick off this video, and you will be rewarded with the telenovela-like visuals for “Yella Diamonds,” off Rick Ross’s excellent Rich Forever mixtape. Don’t let the subtitles mention scare you; yes, there is reading involved, but only for truly important phrases like, “I’m going to be Rich Forever, too, so fuck you, gordito!!” (This is a good time to mention that the video is NSFW.) More troubling is the two-minute “home-invasion” scene, which gets fairly violent and is perhaps not for the easily disturbed. Maybe you should just stick with the seated-rapping Ms. Pacman scenes. Ms. Pacman, a friend to all.