A Trailer Told by Three Stooges, Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing


Dear God, this Three Stooges trailer is not only more ridiculous than the last one, it is a virtuoso display of pratfalling slapstickery so silly that it will melt your muscles and organs down to a congealed, pulsing mass centered in your swollen feet, weighing down the shivering bones and skin that stand in a thin impression of the thinking human you once were. I counted 46 distinct injuries marked by an exaggerated boink/slap/smash sound effect, or nearly one comical injury every other second. People getting whacked, smacked, bounced on, dick-lobster-pinched, poked, shoved, dropped, kicked, hammered, shoveled, and fish-slapped is LITERALLY THE ONLY THING THAT HAPPENS in this trailer. Enjoy!