‘All the Rowboats’ Video: Regina Spektor Prefers Running to Boating


Bad news: The sad, silent violins did not manage any sort of museum jailbreak for the video version of "All the Rowboats," off Regina Spektor's upcoming What We Saw From the Cheap Seats. In fact, none of the frozen and lifeless objets d'art referenced in the song make it out into the wild, and what's more, the video is not even in a museum. Unless the dock Regina is standing on is inside the painting, which is inside the museum, which [cue the Inception horn] ... At any rate, there is at least one rowboat, though the mood lighting and dramatic bass line suggest that maybe it is carrying Regina across the river Styx? And she seems more interested in running through the hall of mirrors than heading out to sea. But those light sparklers are cool!