Battleship Producer Sails Into Bermuda Triangle Movie

Photo: Geographicus

The producer of Battleship is headed for the Bermuda Triangle. Producer Scott Stuber has returned to Universal, the studio where he was the former vice-chairman, to set up an original pitch about the patch of the southeastern Atlantic Ocean infamous for its high incidence of vanished airplanes and ships, and he's attached Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar to write the screenplay for the project. While the Triangle is probably best known for swallowing an entire training squadron of US Navy airmen in 1945, the area between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda has been  freighted with mystery ever since Christopher Columbus logged strange variations in the compass bearings of the Santa Maria. The movie project is appropriately mysterious, too, though perhaps they can make use of internet mythology that claims that the Bermuda Triangle’s power actually comes from undersea earthquakes that uncork large amounts of methane hydrate, a highly-combustible compound that reduces water density, causing ships to sink like stones and jet engines to incinerate! Either that, or the internet also thinks it might be the space aliens who sank the lost Kingdom of Atlantis using special, healing crystals. Oh, internet! You’re so fickle!