‘Blue Jeans’ Video: Lana Del Rey Throws a Sad Pool Party


Back in September 2011, that simple time when only a handful of MP3 blog readers even knew to have an opinion about her, Lana Del Rey released a first, homemade "Blue Jeans" video, which was very much like her famous "Video Games" video but with clips of Tupac traded in for clips of Paz de la Huerta. Now that the Artist Formerly Known as Lizzy Grant has a backlash curve and a budget, she has, fittingly, given herself a Video Redo. Blue Jeans: Take 2! What manner of reinvention has Lana arranged this time? Well, she rented (or bought, we guess; who are we to speculate on LDR's finances?) a really snazzy ranch house with pool. And she tried to throw a party at said pool, except she made the mistake of only inviting one very creepy and seemingly dangerous dude rather than all her friends. And then she found the image manipulation filters on her MacBook and went to kaleidoscope town on the editing. It does look very fancy! But sad. Where are Lana Del Rey's friends? Do they not understand how nice this pool is?