Breaking Down Yahoo!’s New Comedy Series


Yahoo! is making a grab for the internet comedy audience, with two new series premiering today. First up is Sketchy, a creatively-named series of weekly sketches. Today’s is “Hungry Games” starring Alison Becker (alias Shauna Malwae-Tweep, for the Parks fans), and it’s got all the standard ingredients for a Hunger Games spoof, but not many surprises. While not exactly a mindblowing premiere, it should be fun to see what other sketches are in store.

Also premiering is Funny or Die Presents: First Dates With Toby Harris, starring Seth Morris. Two episodes are already up, including “Confirmation,” above. The concept here is simple, but the series manages to highlight the ridiculous in small, everyday moments, to great comedic effect. Overall, it’s definitely worth checking back in with Yahoo!, especially since their next series is “a Ben Stiller-produced reality-show parody starring Ken Marino as Bachelor-like bait for desperado ladies,” co-starring Adam Scott, Malin Ackerman and Michael Ian Black. Hoo boy.