Bully Will Be Unrated

Photo: The Weinstein Co

How do you make some noise for a starless documentary about school bullying in a month where audiences are thrilling to the spectacle of kids hunting down other kids in The Hunger Games? If you're Harvey Weinstein, you stoke the fires for Bully by keeping in enough F-words to ensure an R-rating, thereby allowing you to enlist stars like Meryl Streep, Justin Bieber, Johnny Depp, and Ellen Degeneres in a fruitless but high-profile crusade to repeal the movie's restrictive rating. Today, the Weinsteins announced that the movie will simply go out unrated (as they intimated it would several weeks ago) and it will be up to theater owners themselves to decide whether to allow underage patrons to see it. However, if some theater owner denied entry to a particularly adorable bullied child — preferably while Tom Hanks is standing nearby recording the whole thing on his iPhone — they wouldn't be mad at that, either.