‘Climax’ Video: Usher Does Not Take Kindly to Having His Girlfriend Stolen


Fact: It is a harsh world we live in where Usher can release a slow-burner like "Climax" and still get dumped by women. Technically, relationship trouble is what "Climax" is about (though you can and should use it for the other thing, if you so wish), but still: If you were Usher's fictional ex-girlfriend, puttering around your well-landscaped suburban home with some faceless new dude, and you heard this song, would you not immediately run out the house and into Usher's waiting car? No matter that he is waiting there to maybe shoot your new ex-boyfriend; the point is, this song is a smash, and Usher really feels every word of it. You can tell because he does actual pirouettes of agony (and has a gun.) Reconsider, fictional ex-girlfriend!