Cover Art for Bieber’s Next Single to Be Determined by #TweetVote

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With Boyfriend, the new single from Justin Bieber's upcoming album Believe, slated to drop on March 26, the Bieber promo machine is letting fans vote for which of two covers they want. By tweeting one of two hashtags, they can choose either an image of Bieber looking into the camera and mussing his hair (#JBboyfriend1) — as seen above, courtesy of — or of Bieber looking wistfully off to the side, his fringe gelled back away from his forehead (#JBboyfriend2). Going by social media website, the first option has had over 1,000 more mentions since the campaign started than the second. Seems Beliebers prefer the idea of the object of their devotion looking right at them through the camera lens, peering deep into their idolizing souls.