Earl Sweatshirt Is Back (Now With Video Proof)


Last month, Earl Sweatshirt — the elusive Odd Future member who spent the majority of 2011 at a Samoan reform school — announced his return via song. ("Aaannd … I'mmm … backk" were the relevant lyrics from "Home," which Earl posted on his brand-new Tumblr.) Today, courtesy of a promotional interview for Odd Future's O.F. Tape Vol. 2, we have visual confirmation that Earl is, in fact, back and making music (or, at least, giving interviews about making music). The sitdown is perhaps not as long or revelatory as the quotes that Earl gave to Kelefa Sanneh last May, but it does shed a little more light on why he was in Samoa in the first place. (It wasn't the rapping.) "Motherfuckers think my mom heard a song and my mom was like 'No. I'm not fucking with this song" … I was fucking up … like outside, music aside from everything." He says he kept up with all the Odd Future–related insanity while he was away ("I was aware … cause, the internet") but isn't totally jazzed on it, because it gets in the way of his skating and stuff. Also, there are people out in the world who are still very committed to finding and freeing Earl. "I was taking a piss at Six Flags and someone asked me if I was Earl Sweatshirt." Honestly, that's not the worst place to start an Earl Sweatshirt search operation. But no need, now; dude has officially returned.