Everybody Sit Down and Ponder the Possibility of a Lana Del Rey–Tyler, the Creator Song


We would like to stress the word possibility here — so far, this collaboration is nothing more than a twinkle in Tyler, the Creator (and whoever on LDR’s team recognized the potential for a second wave of Internet hysteria)’s eye. But yes, Tyler did just send out the following tweet: "Just Found Out Lana Del Ray Wanted To Work With Me. Had No Idea. If Your Reading This Im Down, I Have Pretty Instrumentals.” So that is a musical project that could maybe happen! Is your Internet Apocalypse Kit all stocked and ready? Do you have a hard copy of all your bank info and stuff, just in case you can’t get into e-mail? These are the scenarios to consider now, while you can. Also, maybe try out that "I have Pretty Instrumentals" line on someone this weekend. It's kind of funny.