Famke Jannsen Will Star in Eli Roth’s Netflix Show

Dutch actress Famke Janssen poses during the photocall of the movie "Bringing up Bobby" at the 37th American Film Festival, in Deauville, northwestern France, on September 5, 2011. Photo: Courtesy of Famke Janssen

Netflix is sticking with its plan for tony original programming, and its next venture will be a TV adaptation of the novel Helmock Grove, the company announced today. Grove, by Brian McGreevey, is a gothic werewolf-y murder mystery set in small-town Pennsylvania. Eli Roth is onboard to direct and produce; Famke Janssen will star as "an otherworldly beauty"; and Bill Skarsgard (brother of Alexander, son of Stellan) will play her vampire son, both of whom are suspects in the murder. Spooky, etc. The show will be thirteen episodes, and our fondest wish is that Netflix post them all at once, so that they may be consumed in the binge manner to which Instant Netflix fans have grown accustomed. Week-to-week installments are for crusty old TV networks.