Fiona Apple Played Some New Songs at SXSW Last Night


Last night, the lucky people at NPR's South by Southwest showcase were treated to an unusual and exotic musical event, like the festival equivalent of a rare bird sighting: Fiona! Live on a stage! Playing music that the world has never heard before! Yes, Fiona Apple kicked off her 2012 comeback tour yesterday with a set in Austin, and in addition to some old favorites ("Paper Bag," "Sleep to Dream," and "Criminal" were all on the set list), she debuted three brand-new songs. Below, courtesy of Stereogum, is "Anything We Want;" the audio is not ideal, but you can pick out the very Fiona-y mood, at least. And also, she's playing the triangle, or some sort of percussive instrument that looks like a triangle. Whatever it is, it looks fun. Update: And now Pitchfork has video of another new song, "Every Single Night."