From Vampire to Sex Slave: The Many Incarnations of Snow White


As you may have noticed, Snow White is so hot right now. Her classic romance is at the heart of the Tarsem Singh movie Mirror Mirror, out on March 30, and she'll be returning in warrior-girl armor come June in Snow White and the Huntsman. But then this legendary princess has been through many strange changes in the 200 years since the Brothers Grimm put the fable of a comely maiden and her dwarf buddies into book form, with various writers and filmmakers reinterpreting the story and its heroine in ways ranging from the political to the perverse. Well, frankly, mostly perverse: Writers love them some Snow White group sex. So if the famous 1937 Disney film is your only connection to this variable lady, get ready to look at her in a very different, far less childlike light. Whether a socialist, a victim of child molestation, or a dwarf orgyist, here are some of the ways in which Snow White has been darkened.