See Game of Thrones’ House Insignia Turned Into Sports Jerseys


In the game of thrones, you win or you die. In the game of modern sports, you win or you get booed on talk radio. And those aren't the only similarities to these two worlds: Both the various houses in Game of Thrones and the various NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL franchises are each associated with a crest, a philosophy, and a region, and wherever their acolytes travel and whomever they marry, their allegiances remain. So with that in mind, we thought that the heraldic insignia of Westeros could be jazzed up a bit, following the leads of the various modern leagues. Not only would the houses look better and more united on the battlefield, but just imagine how much they'd make in merchandising coin! The Winterfell Direwolves, the Storm's End Stags: Meet your new uniforms.