‘Girl Gone Wild’ Video: Madonna Has Ukrainian Friends, Cool Elbow Pads


If you are not up on your Eastern European Internet dance sensations, then you may not recognize Kazaky and assume that Madonna just made some new friends at hip-hop yoga class or unleashed a handful of the lithe male dancers she keeps (comfortably) chained up for just such an occasion. Reasonable. But no, the gyrating Ukrainian males below are actually very YouTube famous, which is maybe why they get so much screen time in a video for a song that is not about dudes. The rest of the "Girl Gone Wild" video functions either as a Spot the Madonna Reference Game ("Vogue," "Erotica," and that one where she writhes against a wall with Britney Spears on the other side, but we're sure there are more) or Spot the Suggestive Imagery Game (everything), but it should be said: Madonna still looks pretty bonkers-good. And those striped elbow-pad things are rad.