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Go Back to the Nineties With Our Community Pogs

Community is ahead of its time in so many ways. And yet there is one main area in which the NBC comedy (which airs tonight at 8 p.m.; let's keep those ratings up!) debuted about fifteen years too late: If only it had been around during the Pogs craze, because this is a show readymade for the mid-nineties kids collectible game. Can you imagine a more tradable set than one featuring the extended student body of Greendale Community College? Imagine the thrill of winning an Abed, the agony of losing your prized Fat Neil! Well, thanks to Vulture's pop-culture revisionist Jon Defreest, you can now wield your Chang Slammer and let the games begin. Guard your Juergen carefully!

Photos: Jon Dufreest; Jon Dufreest