Here Is Johnny Depp’s Latest Eccentric Costume, for The Lone Ranger


As an actor, Johnny Depp is partial to outrageous costumes and makeup, and can you blame him? Whenever the man actually resembles himself onscreen — as he did in The Tourist and The Rum Diary — the box office almost inevitably suffers. It shouldn't be a great surprise, then, that Depp has taken the opportunity to go wild as Tonto in Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger; while costuming the original TV version of Tonto was a relatively simple affair, Depp has added face paint, feathers, a big headband, what appears to be a hat made out of a dead crow, and a whole lot of necklaces. As the Ranger himself, Armie Hammer has kept any additional embroidering to a minimum — though when you've got posture and a face like that, who needs anything extra? Check out the first look at both characters, tweeted by Jerry Bruckheimer.