Hey Look, Splitsider Now Has a Newsletter You Can Sign Up For!


Do you prefer to get your comedy news and features in email format rather than swinging by this here website every day? Well, now we’ve made it easier for you, as you can see a nice new email signup form in the righthand sidebar. Put your email address in there, hit “Submit,” and you’ll be signed up for our new once-weekly newsletter. It’ll include the biggest feature or two of the week as well as the biggest news stories, keeping you delightfully up to date about the goings-on around here. And if you don’t like it, you can always just unsubscribe. This isn’t a huge commitment we’re talking about here.

So sign up, will you? The first issue will be going out later this week, so get on board now so you can say you were there from the beginning. When people ask you. About our newsletter. Look, just do it, OK?