House at the End of the Street Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence Plays the Horror Games


Before she enrolled in The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence shot the thriller House at the End of the Street, and today the trailer for the movie hit the web. In it, J. Law and her mom, played by Elisabeth Shue (who is all of a sudden giving Chelsea Handler realness), move into an inexpensive house where a double murder happened, because they think it will be good for them to have a fresh start. Yeah, that's what the Harmons thought on American Horror Story! But Lawrence doesn't get to hang out with creepy guest stars like Jessica Lange and Zachary Quinto, though she does have a blond, possibly dangerous neighbor boy to hook up with in the form of Max Thieriot. Eventually, she ends up trapped in the garage in a clingy white tank top, looking for a weapon or a way out. Avoid the cornucopia, Jen! It's a slaughterfest!