See Jon Hamm, Snooki, Maggie Smith, and More Get Hunger Games Celebrity Makeovers


As expected, The Hunger Games opened over the weekend to monster box-office numbers — $155 million, to be exact. And with three more movies to go, we have likely only just seen the beginning of Hunger Games fever. Soon we will all greet each other with a three-finger salute; we will all name our children (or pets) Katniss; and we'll all … dress like the Rococo rainbow-colored crazies from the Capitol? Sure, why not? Weirder movie-inspired fashion trends have happened! So to prepare for a world in which everyone is stealing Effie Trinket's look, Vulture has given Capitol-style makeovers to some of your favorite trend-setting celebrities. Click through to see what it will look like when Jon Hamm moves to Panem. (Warning: It involves purple lipstick.)