Ice Age: Continental Drift Trailer: Where Are Drake and Nicki Minaj?


Below you will find the theatrical trailer for the fourth installment of the popular Ice Age franchise, in which prehistoric animals shriek loudly while contending with natural disasters. This time around, all the continents split apart, and Ray Romano’s woolly mammoth gets lost at sea, and we assume Denis Leary’s saber-tooth tiger falls in love with J. Lo’s saber-tooth-tiger before order is restored. Sure! Kids love that. But we here at Vulture are more concerned with certain members of the supporting cast, who for reasons passing understanding are not featured in this trailer. Where, pray tell, is noted child actor-turned-sensitive rapper Drake? (He's supposed to be voicing Ethan, “a handsome young woolly mammoth.” The sweater jokes, they write themselves.) What about Nicki Minaj, who is already name-checking this movie in her singles and has surely developed a brand new bizarre accent for the occasion? Did Aziz Ansari even make the cut? (We didn’t hear him, but there were a couple squeaky gopher-like characters who very well could have been Squint, the prehistoric rabbit in question. We were mostly listening for Drake.) Vulture would like to politely request a second cut of the trailer, so that we do not have wait until June to know what Drake sounds like with tusks. Pretty please?