Gwyneth Paltrow Made It Into The Avengers


Joss Whedon is known for writing strong female characters, but up until now, all we've seen in the promos for his feature directorial debut, The Avengers, is Scarlett Johansson bringing her tiny pistol to a mighty sausage party. Let Japan remedy that for you: In that country's new trailer for The Avengers, there's a smidgen of new material, and it shows off supporting actresses Cobie Smulders and ... Gwyneth Paltrow? Yes, it looks like Pepper Potts from Iron Man will lend at least a cameo to the new Marvel mash-up, as she's briefly glimpsed on a private plane, looking concerned. (And you can see that short shot at left.) Still, it's probably enough to land Gwyneth another Vogue cover, right?