How Evil a Bond Villain Is Javier Bardem? Check the Blond Hair Test!


Yesterday the world got a first (sneaky) look at Javier Bardem as a Bond villain, courtesy of some hardworking paparazzi adjacent to the Skyfall set.  And yes, the man who once terrorized the world with his bowl cut now joins the ranks of the Blond Movie Villains.  It's a small club, but a doubly dangerous one, because that angelic golden hair camouflages the heartless killing machine atop which it sits. But just how evil a blond will Bardem be? After analyzing a rogue's gallery of movie baddies whose hair colors range from barely highlighted to albino white, we were able to come up with a theory of how a character's depravity expands exponentially with his or her hair's lightness. Click through to see such hall-of-fame blond baddies as The Karate Kid's Johnny Lawrence, Rocky IV's Ivan Drago, and of course Draco Malfoy, and see — based on hair color — how evil we estimate Bardem will be when he takes on Daniel Craig.