Jeff Goldblum Joins Sarah Silverman’s NBC Comedy

Photo: CARL COURT/2011 AFP

"Such and such is having a good year" is among the laziest of ledes ... but Jeff Goldblum really is having a sweet 2012. After stints on Glee as one of Rachel Berry's dual dads and Portlandia as a knot-store proprietor, the erstwhile Ian Malcolm has been cast in Sarah Silverman's upcoming NBC pilot. The semi-autobiographical show about Silverman's return to the single life after a long relationship, now titled Susan 313, will feature Goldblum as Silverman's ex. The 15-year age difference between Goldblum and Jimmy Kimmel has us hopeful the role will portray a totally fictional ex-boyfriend, not an awkwardly fictionalized version of a dude who's tough not to like.