WWE Superstar Very Upset About Chuck and Blair From Gossip Girl


What would you ask actor and WWE star John Cena on the eve of his big Wrestlemania bout with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? How about a question related to Gossip Girl? Confronted with Cena in the following video, a Hollywood Life correspondent asked him, "Are Chuck and Blair meant to be?" The 250-pound wrestler replied forcefully — "No, no" — and though he tried to pretend that he wasn't a dyed-in-the-wool Dair fan obsessed with the show and Penn Badgley's ever-mounting hair curlicues, Cena was clearly determined to share some strong opinions on Chuck and Blair's doomed romance. "They're always kind of getting back together and breaking apart [and] kind of getting back together, almost like it's meant to be? It's not. It's not! Chuck Bass is gonna be left with himself, he's gonna be left on his own." Added Cena, "It is getting weird, isn't it?" Brother, read the recaps.