Jonah Hill Refuses to Compare 21 Jump Street to Never Been Kissed


Wait a second. Jonah Hill describes the central conceit of 21 Jump Street as “getting to relive the most important part of your youth, high school — and thinking you have all the answers, but realizing you have none of the answers,” but he DOESN’T think the movie is comparable to Drew Barrymore’s 1999 classic Never Been Kissed? Uh, did he miss the part of the movie where Josie Geller gets to enroll at South Glen South High School to relive her high school years, thinking she now knows enough to avoid being called Josie Grossie and getting stood up at the prom by Billy Prince, but finding out that she actually doesn’t know anything about true friendship when she betrays Aldys to hang out with Gibby, Kirsten and Kristen? God, what a great film.