Exclusive: Watch Juliette Binoche in the Sexy NC-17 Trailer for Elles


In the erotic new French drama Elles (which opens in New York and Los Angeles on April 27 after a Tribeca Film Festival premiere, then goes wide in early May), Juliette Binoche plays a comfortably upper-class journalist who interviews a pair of empowered prostitutes. The two young women actually enjoy their work — and you'll get to see plenty of it in this red-band trailer, which Vulture is debuting exclusively — and the more Binoche queries them about it, the more she begins to question her own marriage and sexuality. (Not for nothing was Elles known at Toronto as "the film where Juliette Binoche simulates screen masturbation.") Press play to preview how it all goes down, but we warn you, it's not quite safe for work ... that is, unless you work in the world's oldest profession.