Justin Bieber’s New Album Will Include Some Rapping About Buzz Lightyear

Photo: Complex Magazine

Though it doesn’t officially drop until next week, we already know a few very important facts about “Boyfriend," the first single off newly legal Justin Bieber’s upcoming album. Fact No. 1: It sounds like “old Justin Timberlake” and the Ying Yang twins, according to this report. Fact No. 2: It involves a rap about a Toy Story character. Complex asked the Biebz for a little preview, and here is the verse he performed: “Tell me what you like, dear / Tell me what you don’t / I could be your Buzz Lightyear / Fly across the globe / You don’t even need to fight, dear / You already know / I can make you shine bright / Like you’re laying in the snow / Burr.” Meanwhile, Complex also got him to pose for a series of photos where he gets the shit kicked out of him in a boxing ring. Graphic kid violence: very on trend this week.