Katy Perry Wore a Mustache on National Television Last Night


When Katy Perry hosted Saturday Night Live back in December, Vulture's Tara Ariano wondered if the singer's rapid jump to full-on comedy might have been too ambitious. An hour and a half of live sketches is a lot! And okay, with one How I Met Your Mother cameo and a Smurfs voice gig to her name, Perry might not be a bona fide actress (said in your best James Lipton voice) just yet. But Our Lady of the Breast Cannon took another stab at the dramatic arts last night on Raising Hope, and honestly, she was pretty good! There was no forced singing (series regular Shannon Woodward took the fall on that one), and her line readings were as natural as anyone else's. Plus, Perry deserves some points for ditching the wigs and going full uggo — gross patchy mustache, a frizzy wig, and camel-toe police pants to boot. We'll blame the beaver jokes on someone else. Anyway, her first scene is below; judge for yourself.