Kid Cudi and Taylor Swift Have Some Hunger Games Strategies to Share


So far, our samplings from the Hunger Games soundtrack have included one uber-mellow folksy number from Taylor Swift, one uptempo folksy number from The Decemberists, and one Biblical dirge from Arcade Fire. The Arcade Fire especially was very useful in terms of mood-setting and general psychological preparedness, but at some point, we’re going to need some actual Arena tactics to work with. (Just seems like a good idea in case someone decides to lock the doors and turn your movie theater into a mini-Hunger Games.) Kid Cudi and Taylor Swift have a few thoughts, it turns out — or at least they have a handful of lyrics in their new songs (“The Ruler and the Killer” and “Eyes Open,” respectively) that could reasonably be interpreted as fighting advice. For example, a very creepy, maybe-on-the-verge-of-death-himself Cudi would like you to “keep your mind on the mission.” Taylor Swift, meanwhile, suggests that you keep your “feet ready,” your “heartbeat steady,” and your “aim locked.” Yes, these tips seem a little obvious, but it would actually be a big mistake to close your eyes while fighting off a Career Tribute. Remember: keep those eyes very, very open whenever a large person comes swinging at you with a sword. Taylor Swift said so.

Stream Kid Cudi's "The Ruler and the Killer" here.

Stream Taylor Swift's "Eyes Open" here.