Lana Del Rey Hasn’t Given Up on National Television Just Yet

Lana Del Rey on SNL Photo: NBC

Time to check in with singer-slash-Internet-controversy machine Lana Del Rey, who we have not heard from in almost a … month? What's up with Lana? Well, rumor has it that despite her less-than-perfect television performance record (SNL: Not Good. Letterman: Better.), Del Rey has reportedly once again decided to perform, on a screen, for the entire nation. This time, the show is American Idol; her name is apparently printed on the tickets for Thursday's taping, along with Daughtry and Demi Lovato. Del Rey's segment will be prerecorded for another show, meaning you have a week or two to prepare yourself for the LDR-Lovato "Skyscraper" duet coming soon to a living room near you. (Come on, you wouldn't hate it.)