Last Night on Late Night: Aziz Ansari Impersonated D.J. POTUS


Last night on late night, Ron Burgundy's announcement of an Anchorman sequel was followed up with Aziz Ansari's impersonation of D.J. POTUS, aka President Obama, who was wisecracking over the Roots and the Salahis backstage at a fund-raiser earlier this month. Plus: Rainn Wilson enacted a conversation between Texans and Canadians, whose friendliness would stop at the mention of socialized healthcare: "I'm gonna have to shoot you now," Wilson drawled in Texan tongue, "Okay, go ahead and shoot me. That's fine, I get it, sure," the Canadian would respond. Also, Ana Gasteyer and Jimmy Fallon belted out an impassioned Bee Gees duet. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.