Last Night on Late Night: Jennifer Lawrence Threw a Bucket of Fried Chicken and Katniss’s Bow in the Fallon Basketball Games


Last night on late night, the Hunger Games PR machine throttled the airwaves. Jimmy Fallon tested Jennifer Lawrence's target training with his wacky basketball game: She threw a slinky, a slushy, a bucket of fried chicken — “What a waste!” — and, fittingly, won the round on Katniss's bow. Plus: Josh Hutcherson poked fun at David Letterman with a reference to an earlier comment from the much-older host; Elizabeth Banks's biggest New York fear is men “straphanging with their junk” in her face; and, heading south of the border, Will Ferrell's grungier brother and former Gilmore Girls grip never left the CW set. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.