Last Night on Late Night: Jon Bernthal Had a Real-Life Hero Moment As He Went Method from ‘Walking Dead’ to ‘L.A. Noir’


Last night on the Late Show with David Letterman, Jon Bernthal recounted how he went so far method for L.A. Noir in his post-Walking Dead transition period, he chased down a mugger, flipped the bandit over the hood of his truck, and saved a woman's purse last Christmas. Plus: Jessica Simpson, bursting with her nine-month baby-to-be and loaded up on lurid pregnancy TMI, accidentally nicknamed herself “Swamp-ass” among the cast of Fashion Star: “I'm wearing these Spanx, and we're under these hot lights, and it's, it's... it's like the Bayou up in that,” she imparted. “Yeah, it's very humid... in there.” Also, Stanley Tucci affected a love for his blue hair on The Hunger Games; and Craig Ferguson made fun of Leslie Bibb's dress. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.