Latest John Carter Footage Raises Many New and Exciting Questions


As faithful Vulture readers will know by now, John Carter, Disney's $200 million Civil War–soldier-goes-to-Mars adventure, has become a major point of interest for those of us here at Vulture HQ. We have rhapsodized about Woola, overanalyzed the trailers, and asked the tough questions, but this morning brings a brand-new ten minutes of footage, and frankly, we are more curious than ever. Everything you see below is from the pre-Mars portion of the movie (thus no Woola. It hurts us, too), meaning we have a whole new time period and setting to obsess over. And here are some of our new questions: Who is that boy, and is he supposed to be related to Taylor Kitsch? Speaking of Taylor Kitsch, does his contract have a clause that demands at least one drunk head-butting scene in every project he does? (And fast-forwarding a little, how does getting drunk on Mars work, with the gravity and science and whatnot?) How does Taylor Kitsch know that Bryan Cranston's behind is blue? (He does say behind, right? Hard to tell with that Canadian-Texas twang.) Is John Carter hoarding a collection of magic beans? And is the score going to be like that for the whole movie? So much to find out!