Let's Discuss Peter Dinklage in the Trailer for Kate Hudson's Cancer Romcom


The Kate Hudson vehicle A Little Bit of Heaven has been on the shelf for some time; in fact, Vulture first covered a trailer for the movie back in January of last year. Now, with a spring release imminent, a new trailer has been released, and for a while, it covers some of the same beats: In a distaff take on 50/50, modern single girl Kate Hudson finds out she has cancer (and in fact is known as the "Kate Hudson ass cancer movie" overseas, where it already opened) and begins to fall for the professional tasked to help her, a doctor played by Gael Garcia Bernal. The second half of this new trailer, though, omits some of the bits we saw the first time around -- namely, Bernal's butt shot and a sequence where Whoopi Goldberg plays God in heaven -- and instead gives us a wacky subplot where Romany Malco hires Hudson some sort of Lothario or male prostitute played by Peter Dinklage? And yes, they pretend to be lovemaking while banging on the walls and comically faking loud sex noises, because it's that kind of movie. But really, just take in all the Dinklage and share your thoughts on it, won't you?