Lindsay Lohan Says the Right Things on Today


Lindsay Lohan's official comeback attempt begins this weekend on Saturday Night Live, but she kicked off the repentance portion of the proceedings this morning with a (presumably contractually mandated) Today show interview. It was not a disaster. Granted, Matt Lauer went very easy on Lohan, avoiding any specific questions about her legal troubles, her partying, or the fact that she can't get a job (he did ask about the morgue, though — can't pass that up). And yes, Lohan's answers were mostly coached, extra-raspy one-liners about avoiding past mistakes and wanting to focus on the positive. Still, she was calm and composed, and she genuinely seemed glad to have the opportunity to explain herself rather than being defensive about her screw-ups. There were also some fairly honest moments, like her acknowledgement of why no one will hire her: "I still need to go through the process of proving myself. With SNL, being on time, can't say the word but keeping my … stuff together." And this kind of sweet but sad response during the "Where Will You Be in Five Years?" game: "Hopefully, I'll have just come from the Oscars this past weekend." Oh, Lindsay. Video of both segments is below, though we'd like to throw in a warning: At one point, it cuts back to a Today interview from six years ago, and the Lohan Blonde Botox situation is really brought into stark relief. We miss the red hair. We miss a lot of things.

And here's part two, which involves the morgue talk.