A Look Back at Mad Men’s Many Bobby Drapers


Maybe amid all the "Zou Bisou Bisou"–ing during last night's season-five Mad Men premiere, you might have missed one of the show's new faces: a fourth (yes, fourth) Bobby Draper. Mason Vale Cotton replaced Bobby No. 3 — the January Jones–fearing Jared Gilmore — who left the show last year when he was cast in ABC's Once Upon a Time. The revolving Bobbies haven't been too distracting, as the character hasn't had too much to do; he's mostly served the role of the cute kid at the table, occasionally greeting Don with an excited "Hi, Daddy!" or breaking the record player, burning his mouth on the pancake skillet, and so on. Kid-brother stuff, for sure, compared to big sis Sally (played by Kiernan Shipka) who has made drinks, smoked cigarettes, driven a car, seen a psychiatrist, and been caught masturbating. Maybe we'll finally get to see young Bobby grow into an angsty tween, but until then, take a very brief look back at all our past Bobbys.