Mad Men Mistakenly Used ‘The Look of Love’

Still from Mad Men - Don Draper with Carousel Photo: AMC

Mad Men's season premiere has undergone a last-minute change thanks to the loving pedantry of those in the TV criticism community. The version of the episode sent to critics contained "The Look of Love," the sultry classic that wasn't quite a classic just yet: The episode is set six months before the song came out, some critics noticed. The song was released in January of 1967, which means the season premiere takes place in 1966. (Season four ended in October of 1965.) "Although we take license for artistic purposes with the end-title music, we never want the source music to break from the time period we are trying to recreate," Matt Weiner said in an e-mail, so they swapped in a different tune. The new song is a mystery, just like everything else in this mixed-up world of ours.