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‘My Heart Will Go On’ Makes Kate Winslet Want to Puke a Little

For the most part, Kate Winslet has been handling her Titanic 3D: Reach Out and Touch the Iceberg (unofficial title) press tour with grace and charm, talking about how much she loves Leo and how exciting it is that a new generation will get to see her stand on her tippy-tippy-toes on the big screen. But there is one point on which Kate Winslet refuses to be kind, and that is the subject of Celine Dion's "love theme," "My Heart Will Go On." How does it make Kate feel? "Like throwing up." Ouch. Are you sure, Kate? What about the recorder, or that awesome key change? "No, I shouldn't say that … no, actually, I do feel like throwing up." According to this interview, she hates it when people try to surprise her with the song, she will not sing it on talk shows, and generally she feels haunted by the song. Also, she can't really go boating anymore because people insist on making jokes. Titanic is the disaster that will not end.

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/2011 Getty Images