‘Oblivion’ Video: Grimes Knows a Lot of Shirtless Frat Boys


When Vulture caught up with Canadian indie-dance wonder Grimes last month, she told us that she's working on a new "industrial meets Jigglypuff" (a Pokemon character) album. This doesn't really have anything to do with the "Oblivion" video except that Grimes said it, and it's amusing, and it also paints a nice picture of the creative weirdness going on inside her head. So does this video, which follows Grimes as she throws happy, if kind of zoned-out solo dance parties at a variety of unusual locations (a motocross rally, football bleachers, a boys' locker room, a boy's living room). She manages to recruit some friends along the way — most notable, the body-painted G guy around the 1:45 mark, who really earns his dancing pay — and then the whole scene devolves into a shirtless frat party. Not that Grimes seems into it; at that point, she's mostly just into her gum. Fair warning: One of the locker-room dudes gets naked at one point, so if ass shots are NS for your W, then this is NSFW. Careful!