The Ouija Movie Is Now a Found-Footage Thriller

Image of a Ouija board - this is the original and vintage text arrangement of letters, numbers, and words. Photo: Stephen French

Once upon a time, Universal had partnered with Hasbro to conjure up a big-budget Ouija movie, which the studio said would be in the tradition of Indiana Jones and The Mummy. After three years of development, though, Uni blinked and put the McG-directed film in turnaround, then unloaded several of the movies it was planning to make with Hasbro (only Battleship actually made it into production). But wait, what's this? Did that planchette just move again? Sure seems that way: Deadline is reporting that Ouija is back at Universal, only this time, it's been refashioned into a $5 million found-footage thriller. Spooky!